Friday, September 12, 2014

Salted Caramel Coffee

I used to work fairly near this little local coffee shop.  It was the kind of place with eclectic knicknacks and live music on Friday night.  The owner of the shop makes your coffee and he would serve it in a mug so big it took two hands to hold it.  It was a place of refuge for me all winter long.

It was here that I had my first affogato, dark rich espresso poured over sweet homemade ice cream.  It was this wonderful blend of hot and cold, sweet and bitter.

This drink has all the same attributes.  Creamy, sweet caramel ice cream plopped into dark bitter coffee.  The result is heavenly.  I'm sure that you can probably buy salted caramel ice cream, but take the time to make your own, you won't regret it.  Salted caramel ice cream is completely addictive.
This recipe from David Lebovitz is perfect.  It takes a bit of time but is well well worth the effort.

Salted Caramel Coffee

  • 1 cup favorite blend coffee
  • 1 (or 3) scoops salted caramel ice cream   
Make your coffee.  Add in as much ice cream as desired.  I like a little bit more, but if you are interested in a little less sweet, it can be made just to your liking.


  1. Yes, I LOVE that salted caramel ice cream recipe! I can only imagine how great it is when paired with coffee--such a good idea!

    1. I know, that ice cream is so addictive! I keep running to the freezer for little spoonfuls :) Now that it's gotten cold, spooning some in coffee is wonderful!


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