Monday, September 9, 2013

Tutorial: Blanching Tomatoes

Is your garden bursting with tomatoes?  Mine seemed to get a slow start, but now every day I am bringing in 5-7 tomatoes from my 15 plants.  I like to can my tomatoes, my mom says freezing is easier.  Whichever way you like to preserve your tomatoes, you have to blanch them and peel off the skin.  It's an easy process, but takes a little time.

First, get a big pot of water boiling, the largest you have.   While you are waiting for your water to boil, clean your kitchen sink and fill it full of fresh cold water (tap water is fine).  Once the water is boiling, put as many tomatoes as will fit comfortably in the boiling water.  After a minute or so, they should split.

Once they split, pull them out of the hot water and toss them into your sink of cold water.  If they don't split after a few minutes in the boiling water, pull them out anyway and toss them into the cold water.

 After they have been in the cold water a few minutes, you can peel the tomatoes and cut them up.  Run a paring knife along the split in the skin and the skin should peel off easily.  If your tomato did not split, gently pierce the skin with your knife and peel the skin off.

Depending on what kind of tomatoes you want, you can leave them whole or chop them up at this point.  We usually use our canned tomatoes in sauces, so I just coarsely chop them.  The tomatoes are then ready to be canned or placed in freezer bags and frozen.

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