Friday, August 23, 2013

Makes My Life Easier-Bring A "Fix it Kit" When Traveling With Cake

It took a long time, but I have finally gotten smart.  When traveling a distance with a decorated cake or cupcakes, I have started bringing a little fix it kit with me.  Now that I seem to be the designated "cake maker" in my family I always end up traveling a minimum of 30 minutes with my cake or cupcakes.  I have learned some tricks for how to travel better, but sometimes (usually) something will get goobered and I will be mad.

Enter, the fix it kit.  In a plastic bin, I toss all of my piping bags with the tips that I used on the cake plus an offset spatula and some toothpicks don't hurt.  If there are flowers on the cake, a flower nail and wax paper too.  Then, when I get to the location, I can touch up anything that went awry.

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