Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Test Kitchen Tuesday-Cookie On The Grill Failure...

I've decided to do a new series called Test Kitchen Tuesdays, where I will share some works in progress.  Most of the time I only like to share things where I have finally figured it out, but I learn a lot from my many mistakes and so I thought by sharing them, you might too.

A couple weeks ago, David and I had the good fortune to visit Boulder, Colorado to do a bit of climbing, a bit of visiting, and quite a lot of eating.  Southern Sun is the wonderful micorbrewery/pub where climbers like to hang out.  The food is delicious and the I hear the beer is quite tasty too.  But recently, in the building underneath, Under the Sun opened up (and by recently, I mean sometime since the last time we were in Boulder some 2 summers ago).

We hit Southern Sun early in the week after a long day of climbing, so on Friday night, we decided to try Under the Sun.  The was a long wait for a table, but policy indicated that you could sit at the bar if a seat opened up and get full service.  We were fortunate enough that two seats opened up right in front of the brick oven where we could watch them make homemade pizza.

One of the owners was there, making pizza and we were able to geek out for a few minutes about dough and fermentation time and shaping the crust.  Our pizza was to die for, a fancy pizza with pepper fig jam, spicy aruglua, and goat cheese.

We were completely filled up after our meal, but one menu item that really intrigued me was the brick oven baked oatmeal cookie (complete with ice cream and stout caramel sauce).  For some reason, it had never occurred to me to make anything like a cookie in a brick oven.

Well, we certainly do not have a brick oven, but I wondered how well you could grill a cookie.  (After all, wouldn't it be lovely if you could make your whole meal out on the grill in the summer?  No need to deem cookies fall and winter only foods because you do not want to turn on the oven in the heat of the summer).  Turns out, on our first attempt, not very well!  I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and cooked them on a tiny cast iron skillet.  The bottom became way way overdone while the top was still a bit raw.

Things I could do differently to try for success:
-different kind of cookie
-more indirect heat
-heating the pan on the grill before putting the cookie on the pan

Back to the drawing board.

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