Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mango Lime Pie

I love people watching at the airport.  No where in the whole world can you go to one place and find individuals from all walks of life just trying to get from one place to another.  The airport is like a whole other world.  Grown people sleep on the floor and can turn from sugar sweet to all out nutters with a long delay.  A place where you can down liquid courage at 9 AM and eat junk all day long.

At O'Hare in Chicago, hands down, the best place to eat is Frontera, a Rick Bayless restaurant.  It takes forever to get your torta, but if you have the extra time it is well worth the wait.  I was perusing his website to try and find a recipe for these tasty tortas and, well, had to check out the dessert section, of course.  This recipe for lime pie with mangos on top turned out to be the perfect choice for Dave's birthday a couple weeks ago.  It's a delicious summer pie that uses a Graham cracker crust so you don't have to battle pie crust.  Make sure you use a really soft ripe mango, they have the best flavor.

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