Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ballerina Cupcakes

When I was a young, I used to be a ballerina.  This comes as a surprise to many people because I do not really have what you would call a ballerina physique.  Also, I am extremely clumsy.  But I loved being a ballerina and I loved watching the older girls, ones with actual talent and grace.  I loved the slippery satin of the toe shoes and the soft leather of the slippers.  I loved the smell of the studio, a combination of incense and hardwood.  I loved the music, how you could feel the rhythm in your core.  I was a ballerina for 7 years when I decided to take a summer off and pursue other interests and as it turned out my love of ponies outweighed my love of dancing and I never went back.  

But I have fond memories of dance lessons and recitals, so when my sister's friend asked me to make some ballerina cupcakes for her sister's "sprinkle" (apparently a smaller baby shower for a second baby), I had no choice but to say yes.  The cupcakes are red velvet, from a box, and the frosting is cream cheese buttercream with a little pink food coloring.  

I made the toppers the same way that I made these horse toppers and these 100 day toppers.  Choose a clip art template and put wax paper over the top.  Melt candy melts according to their directions and trace the design onto the wax paper.  Some people just snip of the end of a baggie, but I find it easier to trace with a Wilton #1 tip (super tiny round tip) and fill with a Wilton #5 tip (medium tiny round tip).  Allow to dry for a couple hours and place on top of cupcakes.  Make some extras, chocolate toppers are always delicate.

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