Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yes, I made more sugar cookies...

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The possibilities seem endless when it comes to round sugar cookies and I am not nearly as adventurous as some.  I made these this week to kick of my church's week of prayer.  They are little take-home gifts for after our breakfast this morning.

The cookies are these sugar cookies.  I have decided that they taste better paired with the royal icing than the butter cookies do.  They are reminiscent of smiley face cookies my sister and I would get with my grandmother at the local bakery.  The only  trouble with them is that they spread out a bit during baking and can get air pockets, which leads to little lumps and bumps.  The icing covers that pretty well, but still, more experimentation with recipes is necessary.

They are piped and flooded and left to dry overnight in the usual manner.  I then piped the words on the cookies.  One thing I learned in cake decorating was to do all of your flat work first so that you don't stick your arm in your icing flowers.  I have to constantly repeat that to myself, I forever want to place my flowers and then write.

The flowers are Wilton apple blossoms that I piped and left to dry overnight while the lettering was drying.  I then attached them with some leftover icing, and piped two little leaves on each side using Wilton tip 352.

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