Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Oreos

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 Here in Illinois, the last two days have been in the fifties outside.  The birds have started chirping.  You can feel that spring is coming.  This kind of weather makes me start thinking about my garden and new flowers blooming.

These chocolate dipped Oreos with royal icing daisies are like a flower bed for your taste buds.  These cookies come together fairly quickly, however both the Oreos and the icing flowers needs several hours or overnight to dry.

Chocolate Dipped Oreos 
1 package Double Stuff Oreos
2 packages Candy Melts (I used pink and milk chocolate)
2 tablespoons vegetable shortening
About 2 dozen lollipop sticks
1/2 recipe royal icing or premade royal icing flowers
wax paper

I used leftover yellow Candy Melts to adhere the stick to the cookie
  1. Melt Candy Melts according to manufacturer's directions.  I added in about a tablespoon of vegetable shortening per 1 package of candy melts to thin out the chocolate a little bit for easier dipping.
  2. Take a lollipop stick and dip the tip in some melted chocolate.  Holding the top and bottom of the cookie, gently push the end of the lollipop stick with the chocolate on it into the middle of the Oreo.  There may be some cookies that break during this process.  I tried pushing the lollipop sticks into the Oreos without putting the chocolate on the end first and the stick did not stay in the cookie as well.   
  3.  Allow the sticks to dry.  By the time you are finished with the last cookie, the first cookies should be about ready to dip.
  4. Dip cookies in Candy Melts, you may have to remelt your Candy Melts a little bit if you waited awhile for the sticks to dry.  Place on wax paper (or tin foil in my case because I ran out of wax paper) and allow to dry.  During this process, I also broke a few cookies.  
  5. Make royal icing flowers.  Here is a tutorial from Wilton on how to make royal icing daisies or you can buy premade royal icing flowers from the store.  Allow your flowers and your dipped Oreos to dry for at least 8 hours or overnight.
  6. The next day, use a little royal icing to "glue" the flowers to the Oreos.  Give them an hour or so to dry and you have pretty flower snacks on a stick.
I used a wide short glass to dip my Oreos in the chocolate

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