Friday, December 2, 2011

Ginger Sleigh

Please forgive the crummy cell phone photo, I was running late that day!

For as long as I can remember, my grandmother on my dad's side always brought us an Advent calendar on December first.  She still brings me an Advent calendar on December first!  They were the cardboard calendars where each day you open a new door to reveal a bible verse or picture or in some rare cases, a chocolate.  My sister and I would eagerly open each door every morning throughout the month of December.  I've always treasured that tradition, and this year I decided to do something for my nephew.  I saw this gingerbread sleigh filled with cookie packages in my copy of Cookie Craft.  They recommend numbering the cookies from 1-25 in the sleigh as an Advent Calendar.  It was perfect.  The sleigh is from a pattern from the book, cut out with an exact o knife, made of subtly spicy gingerbread.  I then frosted it with royal icing and was liberal with the sprinkles.  The whole thing is 'glued" together with royal icing and actually turned out to be pretty sturdy.  I drove it almost an hour with no trouble.  This successful experience with gingerbread and I hope to continue making Advent calenders for James for all the years to come!

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