Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apple Pie

My husband's favorite kind of pie, possibly his favorite baked good is apple pie.  I a little bit hate making pie.  I feel terrible about this, I make a million different kinds of baked goods and what he really loves is apple pie.  When we were first married and I didn't have a job yet so I decided to surprise him by making an apple pie.  I got out the apple peeler and went to town on my apples.  And then, I sliced my finger with the apple peeler.

I am not a squeamish girl.  I grew up in the country with lot of animals and life in the country with critters does not allow you to be a squeamish girl.  However, I cannot, absolutely cannot deal with a finger wounds.  I was a mess.  I all but passed out trying to clean the wound, and when my husband got home, he had to bandage me up and there was no apple pie to be had.

I have since learned to peel apples with a knife, where there seems to be less risk of wounding my hands.  I know that everyone and their brother has a recipe for apple pie and I have certainly have tried a bunch.  My friend Katie clued me in on a way to prepare apple pie that totally revolutionized it for me.  She told me to cook the apples on the stove before putting them in the pie crust.  The apples can be prepared in advanced, the pie itself only taking a minimal time to bake.  There is no funny gap under the pie shell after the pie is baked.  It's perfect.

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