Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  I hope there are lots of treats in store for you today.  I had the good fortune to be invited to my friend Mandy's Halloween party this past weekend.  Mandy loves this holiday and decorates more for Halloween than for Christmas.  Tonight, I get see my 1 year old nephew dressed up like a cowboy.  He will be my only trick or treater.  We live in a neighborhood with a busy street and not too many kids.  Growing up in the country we never had them either.  Good for my nephew though, I go out of my way to get him something special since he's the only one.

These cookies were left over from my recent sugar cookie project.  I also had a ton of black royal icing left over.  Luckily, I needed a teat to take to Mandy's anyway.  Spiderwebs are super easy with royal icing, all you need is a toothpick.  Simply pipe and flood your background with whatever color you desire (I chose white and orange).  Then take black flood icing and make three circles to look like a bull's eye.  Then, starting from the inside, drag a toothpick through the black and background icing at regular intervals to the outside of the cookie.  Allow to dry overnight.  The spider bodies are a royal icing "blob" made with a Wilton #12 tip and the legs were piped with a Wilton #1 tip.  If you can, give the spiders a few hours to dry a bit as well before taking them anywhere.

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