Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Shower

Final shower cake
Its a strange feeling for me that my little sister is going to be a mama in a few short weeks.  I am pretty excited to meet the little guy though.  Now every time I am at the store, I wander through the baby section to see if there is anything that looks cute.  I think about my aunts and how involved they were and still are in my life and how I am looking forward to being part of his life.
Just getting started

Speaking of aunts, my aunt and I threw a baby shower for my sis this past weekend.  I made the cake for the event using bold colors because Em dislikes pastels and airplanes because that is how she is decorating her baby room.  This was my first tiered cake and my first time working with fondant.  I do not know what possess me to try new things with cake when I have twenty people coming over to see it , but I do.  I had originally planned to make a fondant bow on top of the cake, but that was not meant to be.  It collapsed on me overnight so I had to pull it off and do some quick repairs.
Pretty  bow that wasn't meant to be

Overall it worked out all right.  In the future I think that I need to make the cake from scratch to better support the top tier.  I used Funfetti box mix because that is my sister's favorite, but it was a little weak.  I used the recommendation from Rose Levy Beranbaum to use straws instead of dowels.  This system worked great.  The straws were easy to cut to length and supported the cake just fine.  Also, I already had them in my cabinet which is even better!

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